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 Application format!

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PostSubject: Application format!   Thu 28 Aug - 9:08

Teacher,   Moderator,Tester
Requirements For Teacher and Tester: You must have a complete understanding of most rulings and how the game works. Activity is Mandatory for both staff since we are recruiting daily!

Requirements for Moderator: You MUST be polite, and respect the power given to you. Respect is a need to all members even if you are being harassed by a member, be mature about it. Warnings, kicks, and temporary bans can be decided by yourself and how you see fit. Instant bans must be spoken with an Admin. You may Temporary ban for the time being. Also a screen shot is REQUIRED if you have banned someone just in case of a dispute of where you were " Power Abusing" ( I use this as a screen shot, it's simple to use ).

Application Format!
1. Academy Username:
2. Experience with stated staff position you chose:
3. A brief description of why you are a good asset to the said position:
4. How can you contribute?:
5. Can you be active at least an hour a day?:

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Academy representatives

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PostSubject: Re: Application format!   Thu 28 Aug - 9:33

heeey im benehime:3

my past experiance i have been an admin and moderator at past academies before like cyber soul academy and i currently own my own ! :3 soo im head admin there

because i have handled this responsibility before and have a lot of experience with it ! i will ensure people follow the rules but also be here to ensure everyone has fun and enjoys there stay at this academy :3

i can contribute by making sure everything is kept fun and within the rules set ! and also by recruiting and testing new members if needed :3

im on dueling network daily i get a new charger for my laptop friday soo i can be active everyday from there :3
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Academy representatives

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PostSubject: Re: Application format!   Thu 28 Aug - 9:37

application for moderator

1) BTTF_EchoMainiac
2)none really >.>
3)reliable and fair
4) monitor chat/post
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Technomancer Jericho
Academy representatives

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PostSubject: Re: Application format!   Thu 28 Aug - 9:52

Apply for le moderator
1. Technomancer Jericho
2. Admin at GXDA and NLDA
3. I'm active everyday (in my timezone) and I know the difficulties of the job. I'm not afraid to crack down hard on someone breaking the rules and I know how to deal with various situations. I am aware of all of the chatbox commands and stuff. By this point I've ran out things to say.
4. Because reasons? See above.
5. Yes. I can be active for more than an hour a day (in my timezone).
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PostSubject: Re: Application format!   

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Application format!
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